The Best POLi Casinos in NZ

This is the right place to look for casinos that accept Poli. Here, all the information you should have about the Poli banking method for shopping online and online casino gambling is served to you on a platter. Our team of experts has taken away the stress from you by running tests and selecting the top Poli payments NZ casinos.

Your job in all this is to pick out your favorite Poli payments NZ casinos from our list. You can then play casino games that you love for real money. We have given the details of how to make use of Poli on online casino platforms, which freebies they give, and how to stay safe.

Best POLi Casinos in NZ

This solution has allowed it becomes incredibly easy for bills to be paid and for purchases to be made without cash on all web-enabled computers. It functions like a credit card where you deposit a certain amount of money in their online banking account. When they are ready to use it, they can either decide to make payments via POLi pay by phone or to captain it on their own. People want to know that when they are enthused about payments or wagering, they have an instant method they can rely on.

How do we Rate Casinos that accept POLi

Poli Logo

New Zealanders are fortunate to have this online system originally from Australia extending its services to them. Although this platform is quite recent and quite small, it has been received well and has come to create friendly fame.

Fortunately, our team of reviewers has also put in the time and effort required to test and try out Poli deposit casinos, including other options, to know how the experiences are. The results of their findings have helped us write out the content on this page. So stay here to learn what amazing features casinos have to offer that make them so special:

Security of Transactions

Online transaction safety is the primary care for users of casinos. Poli ensures both for New Zealanders. Operators who use Poli are new-generation casinos that want the best for their customers, ensuring security-conscious and flexible services. Few of the older ones do, too, and the number continues to grow.

This is because you can add extra real money casino funds safe and secure to your casino account balance from your device. You are not required to fill in your bank details on the platform; That is taken care of, and your financial interests are protected with encryption technology.

Cash Withdrawals via POLi

It would be such a bummer to have spent all that time, and when you finally win, you can’t withdraw your winnings. While there are many casinos that support this method, there’s no way for New Zealand players to fast withdraw money through POLi directly.

You may need a credit card or debit card since it is a requirement for most online casinos. You can try a direct bank transfer. However, if you are among the users who do not want to carry cards around, you still have several great alternatives to try out.

PayPal is being accepted by POLi casino NZ sites. Since you try to avoid having (and losing) cards, you can combine them like a twin payment system. On the one hand, Poli guarantees are quick, easy online gambling. On the other hand, with PayPal, you get your lucre as soon as Lady Luck decides to be gracious to you.

Bonuses for POLi Deposits

I am sure I am not the only one who gets giddy when they win some extra lucre. Online casinos in NZ give so many offers and bonuses to their customers for using Poli. They don’t restrict these things to existing customers; they also extend them to first-time users.

Immediately after you sign up with the casino, you prefer and begin to pay in lucre, and you also activate the rewards simultaneously. Even when you use other internet banking methods, you will still get these bonuses, but their magnanimity may not measure up. The kind and the degree of reward you are given largely depend on your deposit via Poli. So go big!

The following are examples of the bonuses that customers enjoy:

  • Welcome bonus: Ordinarily the best sought-after bonus type. It is the type given to first-time users of any online casino. Their valuations are different based on which means of payment you choose.
  • Pay in Bonus: You get freebies for your first few deposits, especially when they are done with Poli.
  • Free spins: Certain Poli slots on amazing operators have to have you as their member before you can get this promotion. There are certain conditions required to win. For example, there is a pay-in threshold to surpass using Poli payments before you can win.
  • Gaming freebies: There are a number of titles you can play to win lucre on if only you pay with Poli. You need to see if the desired game has an attached bonus before playing.
  • 💵 No Additional Gaming Fees: This is one of the best reasons anyone should use Poli. They charge no commissions. So, you can get on like a bird.

Overall Gaming Experience

The chances are that you will enjoy yourself more on a platform where there are fantastic games, including a live table. This singular decision can make the difference between you having a wonderful time and despising your decision to play. That is why it is a fantastic idea to look up some of the games listed below:

  1. Mega Moolah: There is at least NZ$1 million to be won in the jackpot!
  2. Mega Fortune: Another set of jackpots to try out for in the pokies.
  3. Book of Dead: Great slot game where you can get 20 free spins for it in certain destinations.
  4. Roulette Gold: Arguably the best online roulette game. It can be found at New Zealand destinations.
  5. Starburst: Ultra-fast playing slot machine

These are just the tips of the iceberg. The POLi NZ casinos have more than 200 games each, some more than 500. You are guaranteed enjoyment for a long time!

Being given a selection permits you to pick one that you prefer to get the most wins. That is why attention to this aspect of a place when choosing an institution is crucial. Other than the probability of winning, there is a matter of enjoyment. Diversifying your choices keeps you entertained.

Top Poli Online Casinos for NZ Players in March 2023

RankNZ Poli CasinosSign Up BonusMinimum DepositTime for Processing
#1🎰 Caxino CasinoNZ$200 + 100FSNZ$10Immediately
#2🎰 Casumo CasinoNZ$1200 + 20FSNZ$20Immediately
#3🎰 Wildz CasinoNZ$500 + 200FSNZ$10Immediately
#4🎰 Wheelz CasinoNz$300 + 100FSNZ$20Immediately
#5🎰 Casino FridayNZ$200 + 200FSNZ$20Immediately
#6🎰 SkyCity CasinoNZ$100 + 70FSNZ$10Immediately
#7🎰 Spinz CasinoNZ$300 + 100FSNZ$10Immediately

Best POLi Casino Bonuses

pack with bonuses

Deciding on a destination to play online is fundamental. Hence, pay close attention to the ones that supply many freebies. For example, cashback and welcome freebies are just 2 of the many freebies 1 dollar casinos are expected to provide their customers. Check also the items below.

Amounts of Poli Casino

The POLi payment casino system is a flexible and security-conscious means of payment. It gives the customer a good deal in general. It will cost nothing to sign up. Depositing lucre on a platform using Poli or withdrawing from there costs so little. The charge is only $10 pay-in, not $2, to begin playing for real money. On the other hand, when you win, you can get up to a million dollars and deduct it with ease.

No Deposit Free Spins

You get to spin the wheels of fortune and hope that lady luck is with you. You can win without having to pay any initial deposit for a free spin, not even $1. Isn’t that cool?

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

There are several exclusive bonus offer available to users. People don’t know that there are also some freebies they can get without paying even $1 online, like game bonuses and spins on offer for particular titles at New Zealand casinos accepting Poli.

POLi – Simple and Secure Payment Option For Kiwi Gamblers

payment by phone Poli

Online casinos using Poli provide up-to-date encryption technology to ensure that the details you have are not tampered with. In addition to that, your sensitive personal information is not even shared with these safe and secure gambling sites on the internet. They make these payments on your behalf and withhold your private details from them so that if for any reason, their payment system gets compromised, you are safe.

Another benefit of Poli is that you have limited bankrolls. It is only possible to spend the lucre that is already in your wallet. It needs only a few short steps to complete trades. It also takes a pretty short time for the alert to manifest.

Is POLi safe for online casino payments?

Few other banking alternatives prioritize security to the same extent as POLi does. From the initial steps to the very last, you’re kept under a protective umbrella. POLi utilises advanced data encryption technology, ensuring that your personal and financial information remains confidential and secure. Therefore, it’s safe to say that using POLi for online casino payments is a secure choice, allowing you to play with confidence and peace of mind.

Should players pay any additional fees?

Do you pay lucre for using POLi pay casino that accepts Poli for online gambling? No! However, if you are the merchant or the POLi online casino you are using Poli to pay on requires it before they can transfer funds to your bank account, you may have to pay a token because of the online gambling payment methods you have chosen.

What is the average processing time?

With this payment method, your Poli payments are processed instantly. Your deposit with Poli into your NZ online casino with Poli is done at once. Once again, the destinations also try to ensure that the person requesting the payment is truly you. Therefore, it may take 24 to 72 hours for your lucre to reflect in your account.

Why use POLi at online casinos?

Are you wondering if using Poli at online casinos is such a wise choice? Here are a few reasons you will want to give Poli pay a try:

Supported by multiple devices

This online payment method supports multiple devices. It can be used on computers (laptops and desktops) as well as on mobile devices, like smartphones (Android and iOS).

Free – no fees!

It’s essential to underline this point: using Poli for online casino deposits does not require you to pay any additional fees. In other words, the service is completely free of charge. Your transactions with Poli are straightforward and do not entail any hidden costs, allowing you to manage your gaming funds without any unexpected deductions.

Secure transactions

Our meticulously curated selection features only the most secure and trustworthy Kiwi casino websites. Every single one of them operates under legal parameters and holds an official license, demonstrating their compliance with industry standards and regulations. They provide the utmost level of security, ensuring your personal and financial information remains impervious to any threats. Consequently, you can focus entirely on enjoying your gaming experience, resting assured that your sensitive details are being treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Instant receipt

One of its major benefits is the business owner receives a transaction receipt immediately after payment, and you do not need to register before they can begin enjoying the service.

😍 Favorite Casinos15
👌 Smallest DepositNZ$1-20
❤️ Best Poli InstitutionCasumo Casino
⚡ Maximum DepositNZ$1600
💰 Withdrawal MethodPoli, Bank Transfers, e-Wallets
© LicensesUKGC and MGA
🔥 AlternativePayPal and Skrill

How to Make Online Casino Poli Deposits

Poli Credit Cards

Bear in mind that for a casino to support the Poli Payment method, it definitely processes instant deposits. Therefore, it reduces the procedure, so you don’t get to hassle. You only need to follow these steps below to complete a transaction:

  1. Select a casino site;
  2. Seek out the banking section;
  3. Choose the pay-in option;
  4. Click on Poli as the deposit method;
  5. Sign up and choose Poli;
  6. In the “banking” section, enter the amount, enter your login and the bank account password and confirm payment;
  7. Finalize the procedure and play for money.

Limited Bank Partnerships for Poli Casino Transactions

An important concern for Poli online casino operators is the narrow selection of banks they accept. To put it differently, being located in New Zealand or Australia and having a bank account with funds in it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the ability to use Poli. To be able to transact using Poli, you are required to hold an account with one of the few banks that the payment method recognizes. Understandably, this could lead to inconvenience and potential complexities for some players.

How To Withdraw Your Money Using POLi

No casino uses it as a means of disbursing funds to its customers. You can try using a mixture of PayPal and Poli for payouts and pay-ins, respectively.

Internet Banking Alternatives to POLi Pay Casinos

The following are examples of banking alternatives you could use if you choose not to go with POLi:

  • Neteller
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Skrill

Pros and Cons of POLi Payment System at Online Casino

For players hailing from New Zealand and Australia, choosing Poli for their real-time bank transfers at casinos brings with it a plethora of benefits. Predominantly, Poli online casinos stand as a testament to reliability and trust. With their fast, secure, and convenient money transfers, it’s no wonder that this casino payment method’s popularity is consistently on the rise. However, as advantageous as Poli might be for Kiwis and Aussies, it’s not devoid of certain limitations. Potential users need to be aware of these constraints, as they may render Poli inaccessible for a considerable portion of gamblers. Therefore, careful consideration is advised before deciding to register with a casino that supports this method.

Instantaneous pay in Times
Fair Bonus Terms
Access to amazing freebies
Valid only in Australia and New Zealand
Inability to payout Winnings

Other Secure Deposit Options for Online Casinos in New Zealand

For New Zealanders who enjoy online gambling, finding a casino with secure and reliable deposit options is essential. When considering deposit methods, factors such as transaction limits, fees, and processing times should be taken into account. Although Poli Pay has been a popular option for a long time, there are other great alternatives available as well. In this article, we will explore three top casino billing methods that are just as secure and reliable as Poli Pay:

  1. Online Casinos that Accept PayPal
    PayPal is a well-known and trusted payment system that offers a secure and fast way to deposit money into an online casino account. Many online casinos in New Zealand now accept PayPal as a payment option.
  2. Online Casinos that Accept Skrill
    Skrill is another popular payment system that offers a secure and convenient way to make deposits into online casino accounts. Like PayPal, many online casinos in New Zealand now accept Skrill as a payment option.
  3. Online Casinos that Accept Bank Transfer
    Bank transfer is a traditional payment method that is still widely used by many online casinos in New Zealand. While it may not be as fast or convenient as PayPal or Skrill, it is still a safe and reliable way to deposit money into an online casino account.


Due to the limits of payment options, people find it hard to satisfy their cravings as easily as they would have liked. Figuring out which one to use becomes a little too much stress. This is a hindrance for game-goers and lovers.

For that reason, people from New Zealand who enjoy the occasional gamble or those searching for an alternate source of income have limited time to make such a decision. That is why the information provided in this article is timely. Nobody wants to undergo suffering because they are trying to enjoy it, and neither should you. Have a fantastic time gaming.


What casinos accept POLi?

The ones that Australians and New Zealanders can access from their countries accept it.

Are there any fees and limits?

Absolutely Not. This banking method charges no single fee, and you can aim for the sky with your deposits.

Are there any Poli casino bonuses?

Oh, yes! There are a lot of freebies. They availed you on registration and as you go on. Just use Poli.

What is the minimum casino deposit using POLi?

The smallest money you can pay before you start to play is $10, not $2.

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