Responsible Gambling

There has been a lot of talk about gambling in the last few years, most of it positive because governments are making lots of money from taxing gambling companies. While all that is good, we cannot overlook the downside to gaming, especially when one gets addicted. 

Gambling addiction is akin to substance abuse as it occupies the user’s mind deeply in ways they cannot resist. Even when one knows it will harm their finances, relationships, and even work, they will constantly go back to a gaming site for that rush that comes from winning. Since they have to get it at all costs, they will chase losses until they have exhausted all their resources, which is how the downward spiral begins. 

We are committed to responsible gambling as we know it is possible to play within the limits that will not cause you financial, personal, or psychological problems. 

Here are three things we recommend from the get-go: 

  • Do not gamble for the money; do it for entertainment to make it easy to handle losses and wins. 
  • Do not gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. 
  • Do not chase losses. It helps to know when to fold and leave the table.

Common Downsides of Gambling

If you can control your gaming appetite, you will have a good entertainment scheme that could even earn you a little money on the side. If it gets out of hand, you may encounter these common downsides:  

Addiction: You may be unable to control your actions and fall into a habit that takes time and resources to get over. During this time, you could lose resources and valuable time that you will never recover. 

Negative Mental Impact: When you can no longer control your urges and have already lost a considerable amount of money, you could fall into depression and withdrawal from close family and circles. 

Signs of Addiction Among Kiwis

You will notice when a loved one goes overboard with gaming if you are keen. Here are commons sign that addicts exude:

Being Secretive: Most people with a gambling problem will start hiding their activity from those in their lives because they know they have taken things too far. Thanks to the various discreet banking options available to Kiwis, it is pretty easy to hide any money trail if one is careful enough. 

Earning a Living from Gambling: Gaming is best used for entertainment as it could go from good to bad in days if one makes it about the money. When one believes they are about to turn a corner with their luck, they lose all grounding and are likely to chase a loss that could deplete their accounts. 

Taking out Loans to Gamble: You know you are in trouble when you take out a loan to gamble while believing you will break even and make a profit. Loans can be by way of credit cards, which is why some casinos disallow their use. 

Emotional and Physical Breakdown: When it all comes crumbling down like a house of cards, an addict will show signs of depression and even physical agitation owing to the hole they have dug themselves into, which is mostly the final phase for most people. It is almost impossible to hide emotional distress. 


Gambling is not all bad if you manage it without allowing it to take over your life. Balance happens when you set aside a bankroll and work it accordingly without letting your losses or wins manipulate you into going over your budget. When you feel it starting to take over, seek help through various channels and free resources for New Zealand players. 

Here are Organizations that Provide Free Services to Gambling Addicts:

The Gambling Helpline – available Nationwide 24/7

Māori Gambling Helpline
0800 654 656

Vai Lelei Pasifika Gambling Helpline
0800 654 657

Gambling Debt Helpline
0800 654 658

Youth Gambling Helpline
0800 654 659

Asian Hotline (Problem Gambling Foundation)
0800 862 342

The Salvation Army Oasis Centres (Public Health and Intervention Services)
0800 53 00 00

Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand (Public Health and Intervention Services)
0800 664 262

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